Horse Boy Method has a simple 6-stage process. We create the right environment, address sensory issues and these then allow perspective taking and academics to be from the saddle, riding with the child and finally self-advocacy. Horse Boy Method is specific to Autism and neuro-psychiatric conditions. Horse Boy Learning Play dates are offered. 

EFL incorporates the equine unto the learning environment. This program is facilitated by a certified equine specialist in mental health and learning as well as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and certified teacher for children with disabilities and children K-12. Kiddy Up provides group or private sessions along with field trips.  

To get started in any of the Therapy and Learning Academy programs each participant is required to fill out registration paperwork that includes a doctor's release that needs to be signed by the participants doctor.  Once all the paperwork is complete and returned back to Kiddy Up Ranch an evaluation lesson is scheduled. This lesson allows the participant to see if they like the program and for the instructor to see the student's abilities to develop goals with the family. 

The following is the fee schedule for lessons in the Therapy and Learning Academy.  All payments are due by the first of each month to pay for the full month of lessons. 

Therapeutic Riding - 45 minute lesson group lesson - $40.00

Horse Boy Method Lesson (Backriding) - 45 minutes - $50.00

Horse Boy Learning Session - 1.5 hours - $55.00

Horse Boy Learning Playdate (2 or more families) - 3 hours max - $120.00

Equine Faciliated Learning Programs - depends on program and group size. 

Therapeutic riding uses equine-assisted activities for the purpose of contributing positively to cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of people with disabilities. Therapeutic riding provides benefits in the areas of health, education, sport and recreation/leisure. Riders can compete at local area shows and in Special Olympics Equestrian Events.

Therapy and Learning Academy

How to get started with the Therapy and Learning Academy at Kiddy Up Ranch